Branch Postion

Branch Secretary


Financial Secretary

Deputy Secretary

Vice Chairperson

Equality Officer

Womens Officer

BAME Officer

Youth Officer

Safety Co-ordinator

Political Officer

Assistant Sec (Non BT)

Campaigns Officer






Bill Dixon

David Smallwood

Dean Reason

Vince Owens

Steve Browett

Duncan Strivens

Kelly Mills

Colin Bell

Jonathan Young

Chris Young

Norman Rainnie

Roy Aird

Kevin Smith


Committee Members

Steve Lloyd

Steve Coffey

Ian Harrington

Paul Lydon

Andy MacDonald

Pete Minhas

Dean Smith

Sean Prendergast

Jim Aujla


Branch election procedure

Nominations sent out to the membership.

Nominations close (Normally 2 weeks later).

Accept/Decline letters sent to nominated individuals.

Cut off date for accept/decline responses.

Ballot opens if needed

Ballot closes

AGM held by end of the March where results announced.